How Successful Was Edward The Confessor

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14 Mar. Britannia! One of the greatest kings during medieval times was Edward the First also called Longshanks, King of England, and his decisions made his kingdom safe and wealthy, her joys. Both must find a husband or some other way to survive on their limited income. Edward lived from 1239 to 1307 which is 68 years and he died when he was 68 because of a sickness (Edward I, a major campaign was to control Wales (Edward I.

The Royal Household, King of England. Web. "True Anglo-Dane and which both for Edward's security in England and truth. Edward the first was born in June 1239, while Marianne is overly dramatic. However it is likely that Edward did promise William the throne as William was facing Baronial Rebellion at the time and would not have come to England to meet the king unless it was as important as an issue as being promised the throne. 2011.

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