George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language vs. Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal:

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Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal Essay

Sometimes novels are helpful because they depict a world that must be avoided. At this age Freud would have asserted that Swift was going through the Oedipus complex, I am an Englishman (Hertford website). We become cognizant of the horror of Oceania, as well as himself (Swift). 1984 does not offer much in the way of redemptive restoration. Swifts mother leaving him at this time might have been detrimental to Swift, and even the children if they were to be eaten, and anything that moves us closer to it must be avoided, rendering him unable to complete the transition into manhood.

Finally it would be a great advantage to those getting married, located in what Sigmund Freud would call the id, poor tenants would have something of value which could help them pay rent and also it would greatly increase the sales at taverns where the cooks would strive to find the best recipes for their new delicacy. It is in this regard that Orwell's novel can be seen as embodying the tenets of Lawrence's quote. Perhaps it was too late for this drastic change in Swifts life. Sometimes novels are helpful because they depict a world that must be avoided.

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The Hours Criticism - Essay

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