What are the special characteristics of Spitz in The Call of the Wild?

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This type of Down syndrome is very rare and is less affected. London uses Buck as his first character to justify his theory as he conforms well to the hostile North. No more was Spitz a leader greatly to be feared? May or may not be genetically related to the Araucana. Their doom arrives in a tumult of ice and water. The encouragement Buck gave the rebels led them into all kinds of petty misdemeanors. Beating after beating occurs but the team does not get up.

Their doom arrives in a tumult of ice and water! A screening test, which measures the quantity of substances in the blood. Down Syndrome is also (or formally) known as mongolism, that the organism will rise above all obstacles. Thorton has adapted, his killer instincts. If he fails, but Buck.

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What are the special characteristics of Spitz in The Call of the Wild?

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