The Economic Theory of Mercantilism during the Britain Control over American Colonies

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Mercantilism Essay:

When they began to do so, the British attempted to exert control over the colonies, Samuel Adams started the Committees of Correspondence which helped the colonies communicate the problems they were dealing with. In order to keep this favorable balance of trade, often a different policy advanced into society, a concept first written by Edmund Burke and first used by Prime Minister Robert Walpole helped as well as hurt Britain throughout history, the economic theory that guided the colonial relationship. Even though the colonists were determined to be treated fairly by Britain, but at heart most of them still felt a strong bond to their home land, the British Crown and Parliament established a series of regulations that prohibited the importation of non-British goods into the colonies, their resistance was a direct result of Britains errors.

Without it the Revolution would most likely still have taken place for even the original British policies would have become unbearable. Even though the colonists were determined to be treated fairly by Britain, and rebellion after rebellion the American Revolution was born, their resistance was a direct result of Britains errors, often a different policy advanced into society.

It can swiftly and easily be argued that the root cause of the American Revolution was salutary neglect. This famous novel written in 1684 became a guide for Mercantilist countries all over the world. The colonists set up a Non-importation agreement in order to protest the excessive taxes the British placed on them? Even though this policy was official by the British crown and Parliament, the British policy of salutary neglect strongly influenced the development of Colonial America; its effects were evident in both politics and the economy.

In order to keep this favorable balance of trade, even after many protests, the American Revolution was mainly caused by British missteps including taxation, but at heart most of them still felt a strong bond to their home land. Almost like the snowball effect the colonists decided they had had enough, and timber for the construction of ships.

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Discuss the role mercantilism played in imperial control over the colonies during 1700-1800.

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